Frequently asked questions


What is an LnF Tag/Location Tag? (Patent Pending US 62/722,919)

LnF Tag pertains to an entity’s unique address, geolocation, or another predefined location designated by an establishment in the LnF app. An LnF Tag is a more consistent way to associate a lost or a found item with a specific location. LnF Tag is an organization's handle that is used within the lost and found app. LnF Tags may also have other referenceable information linked to them, information such as a location’s operating hours, or other helpful instructions related to a lost and found desk. To view the information about a particular LnF Tag, use the LnF location tags feature to find the tag. If an establishment has an LnF location tag, this indicates that the establishment is a participating LnF location and that you may drop off and pickup lost and found items from that location.