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Buttercup joined Maysi on a family vacation to Hawaii. The plush puppy was well loved and it shows on her scruffy and smushed fur to this day. Maysi had turned nine during the trip; and of course, Buttercup was right there beside her celebrating.

After very fun filled days in Hawaii it was time to get back home. Maysi had settled into her seat on the plane when she reached in her backpack for Buttercup, but Buttercup wasn’t there. Very quickly panic set in and commotion ensued; Maysi implored her parents to leave the airplane and go on a search for Buttercup. Maysi’s mom and dad rationalized with Maysi, and they convinced her that the best course of action was to call the Sheraton at Keauhou Bay where they had stayed. Buttercup was probably left in bed and went unnoticed when everyone was packing up earlier that hurried-morning.

Maysi’s mom managed to squeeze in a call to the hotel before the plane took off, and she was informed that their room was most likely cleaned, but housekeeping had not turned anything in to the lost and found.

Maysi was heartbroken and sad; her mom promised to make more calls when they returned home. That promise was kept, and the day after they returned home she called the hotel again and explained how much Buttercup meant to her little girl, and how devastated Maysi was. Fortunately, the kind manager, who took that call at the hotel, was a mom herself and understood first hand how sad losing a special stuffed animal could be for a child. She assured Maysi’s mom that if Buttercup was left at the hotel, it will be returned to Maysi.

A week had passed, when Maysi’s mom beckoned Maysi to the door to help her receive and open a priority package that arrived from Hawaii. Maysi helped open the package, and when she saw Buttercup, Maysi was dumbstruck. The look on her face was precious.

Thank you Maysi for sharing your story with us!

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Buttercup 2018

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