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Benefits of the LnF lost & found app

LnF Ltd.designed a mobile app for lost & found that is available on the App Store and Google Play.

LnF is an app that helps businesses, organizations, institutions, and any establishment manage its lost and found desk, and gives the public a social platform to help recover lost items. The ultimate goal of the app is to create a globally interconnected lost and found system that will dramatically increase the recovery of lost items around the world.

When one first opens the App, he/she/they are given two options, the first is LnF, and the second is LnF PRO:

  • LnF is intended for the public to search for lost items, and to log found items. Any item posting whether lost or found is not published for the public to view, as the app is not designed to be a lost and found posting board, but rather it uses a propriety algorithm to match lost items with found items based on a set of criteria and item attributes. The lost or found location of an item may be connected to a physical address, a geolocation, or a predefined LnF Tag that is assigned to a participating LnF location. For security reasons, the finder of an item can remain anonymous by choosing to drop-off the found item at a secure location, and marking the item as dropped off and tagging it to a drop-off location.

  • LnF PRO is for participating LnF Locations, and LnF Pro users, and it is where LnF Tags are created for the Pro locations. Each Pro location can log, view, manage, and coordinate pickups for items held at its lost and found desk(s).



  • Easy to use app on your phone to search for any lost items, any where at any time.

  • No need to call or visit multiple locations, or post on various forums like Nextdoor or Craigslist for lost or found items.

  • Easily help others find what they have lost by entering the found items into the app.

  • Use LnF locations for anonymous pick-ups and drop-offs.

  • Safe and secure interactions controlled within the app.

  • Not a lost & found posting board. Only items the meet a set of criteria and item attributes are matched.

  • No need for follow ups, the app's proprietary search algorithm will continue the search up to 30 days.

  • A unique ID is created for a matched item so that the rightful owner can only claim the found item.

LnF Locations

  • Manage your lost and found desk from a mobile device.

  • Log items that have been found at your location.

  • Verify that an item is in your possession if logged and turned in by another user.

  • Search for items that are associated with your location.

  • Confirm auto matches made by the app, or create manual matches.

  • Share with your customers, guests or patrons information about your lost and found desk such as hours and other pertinent instructions.

  • A unique ID is created for a matched item so that the rightful owner can only claim the found item.

  • Keep a record of who picked a found item.

  • Help your community by displaying your location on the LnF participating locations map, this way if someone finds an item, they may drop it off securely for later pickup by the item's seeker at your location.

  • Be part of the lost and found interconnected community.

For more information please contact LnF at info@lnftag.com .

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