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How an interconnected world can help you find something you have lost?

Today we live in an interconnected society. The lines between personal and professional interactions have blurred. This is especially true in the world of Marketing, Public Relations (PR), and Customer Service. For many commercial brands using social media influencers to help reach a target demographic is a key component of their marketing strategy. In the world of PR, it is common place for a business or a public figure to use real-time social media communication to quickly get ahead of a potential image, or a potential perception problem before it gets out of hand. When it comes to Customer Service, businesses are recognizing the impact of "social complaints" and how quickly a single negative social post or review from a dissatisfied customer can amass additional complaints as it snowballs down the path of likes, views, reposts, and comments. To counter that, more and more businesses are actively monitoring social sites so they may promptly respond and resolve any customer concerns.

There are also many examples of companies such as Airbnb, Lyft, Rover, and GoFundMe where their business model is based on the sharing economy, and is dependent on the peer-to-peer (P2P) social connectivity and interactions. All these digital platforms that are accessible on our mobile devices have helped make us a more interconnected society; and while undoubtedly there are some uncertainties with the new sharing economy, and with living in such a closely interconnected globe, by far these uncertainties are outweighed by opportunities and new exciting possibilities to come that will propel us forward.

While it may seem few and far between, we can still find areas in our daily lives that can benefit from technological platforms that tap into the power generated when people, business organizations, and institutions become interconnected.

One example of this is the lost and found. If you've ever misplaced or dropped something at an airport, and you weren't certain where that may have happened, you know very well how daunting of a task it can be to determine who to ask or where to go. Tracing your steps back may not be practical or effective. If the item was possibly left at a store or restaurant, you will need to contact that establishment directly; if the item was near a TSA security checkpoint, you will need to call a specific number; if the item was near a gate or a ticket counter, you will need to contact the airline; and for all other public places, you need to contact the airport's guest services. And what happens if someone finds the item in one location, but turns it in at another location? Wow! there has to be a better way, and technology should be able to solve this kind of problem.

LnF Ltd. has figured out a way to help solve this very problem by creating a mobile app called LnF.

The app provides a single platform for handling all aspects of the lost and found, and does it in a manner that is consistent and predictable for the public and for participating LnF Locations. Regardless of what is lost, where it is lost, or when it is lost, the app sets out to reunite seekers with their lost items, by connecting the LnF community together and harnessing its power.

The LnF community is comprised of individual users, and various participating LnF locations that may include:

  • Airports, and facilities & businesses located inside the airports

  • Airlines, buses, trains, and other transport & commuter systems

  • Schools, colleges, and universities

  • Stadiums, sport venues, theaters, music & concert halls

  • Amusement parks, festival sites, zoo's

  • Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices

  • Residential buildings, facilities, and assisted living sites

  • Community centers and HOA's

  • Golf Country Clubs and golf facilities

  • Restaurants and dining halls

  • Business offices, manufacturer buildings, and warehouses

  • Malls and shopping centers, and stores located inside these facilities

  • Camp sites

  • And any other ad hoc location such a farmers market or a community event

To learn how you can become a participating LnF Location contact pro@lnftag.com.

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