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Revolutionizing the Lost & Found

 The app that creates a single interconnected network to unite people with their lost items

At some point in your life you have probably experienced that sinking feeling in your gut when you first realized you have lost something of value to you. You were likely flooded with dread: The inconvenience and time that will be spent searching for what was lost. If not found, the hassle and cost of replacing it, and not to mention any emotional value tied to the lost item that is irreplaceable.

At LnF we set out to reduce the dread of losing, and increase the confidence in finding! 

The LnF app gives finders a platform to reunite seekers with their lost items, and helps any establishment manage its lost and found.


Here Is Why

People are kind and want to help. LnF just makes it easier.


Whether you have lost something or found something,

within minutes you are able to log an item into the app

letting its search algorithm do the work!


No matter what. 

No matter when. No matter where. 

As long as you have the LnF app, reuniting people with their lost items has never been this

easy and convenient!


Having a safe ecosystem and safe interactions is at the forefront of the app's design.

You may use LnF locations for anonymous pick-ups and drop-offs, or simply control the level of interactions from within the app. 


Advantages that LnF Pro Has to Offer

Make your Customers and Patrons Happy

Create lasting and positive impressions with your customers and patrons by serving them better and making them happy. What better way to do it then when they are feeling distressed and need your help. By being a participating LnF location, you are increasing the rate of happy stories of people getting reunited with what they have lost.

Better Manage your Lost & Found Desk

Logging, tracking, matching, and connecting lost items with their rightful owner is made easy with the LnF app workflow. Automating your lost and found services improves responsiveness, accuracy, and results. 

Lost and Found Professional
LnF PRO Lost and Found
Reduce your Overhead

Enable your customers and patrons by putting power at their fingertips. LnF makes it easy for anyone to log a lost or found item into the app. The search algorithm will identify matches and help with the verification process.

Share in real time information about your lost and found desk, such as location and hours for item drop-off and pick-up, and other pertinent instructions that will help reduce your overall overhead.


Our Vision

Reuniting anyone, with anything, anywhere, at any time!

At LnF we believe the world needs more happy stories. Small acts of kindness are the easiest way to create such happy stories. We also believe that a thoughtful technology can unite us and bring us closer together. That's why we set out to create an app of kindness that helps solve one of the worlds oldest and most ubiquitous problems, losing something that is of value to us.

LnF is a Denver, Colorado company founded by a father that finds himself in situations where he has lost something, is looking for something a family member has lost, or comes across a lost item on the street at the most inopportune time, and feels obligated to help because he intimately understands the pain and hassle of losing something.

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